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  1. How Much?

    Valve Amplifiers are expensive things by their very nature, Pre amp valve vary in price from £10, Power amp tubes cost from £15. We always fit high quality componants and always contact the customer with an estimate prior to undertaking any repair. We are happy to fit Valves you have purchased and supplied.

  2. Why does my amp need biasing when I fit new valves?

    When you fit new valves to an Amp you must purchase a matched pair or quad set of valve. The bias should be checked and adjusted to get the best performance from the valves and amplifier. Incorrect Bias will effect the life of the valves and the sound of your amp, It can also damage the Out put transformer.

  3. My amp is crackling when I plug my guitar in?

    First check has to be your leads and guitar. You would be amazed by the number of Amps that people bring in to us which are fine but the owners guitar has a fault or the lead is broken. Crackles and pops on the Amp can be anything from dry joints to defective componants.

  4. Do I need to warm up my amp before i use it?

    Yes, Valves work best and give their optimum performance when operating at full temperature. Here is a handy hint, leave your amp on standby for at least 10 mins to warm up prior to use and at the end of your gig switch off (but leave everything plugged in) and allow it at least 10 mins to cool down. Simple rules like this will help to extend valve life.

  5. Tubes or Valves?

    Americans call then Tubes, we Brits call them Valves. The Americans have a differant numbering system for valves ie. a UK ECC83 is a 12AX7.

  6. The chassis of my amp gets very hot when I use my amp?

    Most Valve amps use the chassis as a heat sink to dissipate heat from the Valves so this can be quite normal. Valves operate at very high temperatures so don't go touching them. This could though be an indication of componant failure of very worn valves, if you thinks it is getting warmer than usual get it checked out.

  7. Why should I not stick my fingers inside the Amp?

    Valve amps operate using very high DC voltages (450V plus is not uncommon). The Capacitors in these amps can retain these voltages for a long time after being switched off. STICKING YOUR FINGERS INSIDE COULD KILL YOU!!!

  8. Why do I need to fit a matched set of power valves to my amp.

    Fitting a matched set of valves to your Amplifier is essential. If you don't it will be impossible to Bias the amp correctly and could damage the Amplifier. Unmatched valves in an Amp like having odd sized tyres on your car, your car would not handle or perform correctly.

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  1. Strings sound really dull and are losing sustain?

    This is most likely because the strings on your guitar are too old. Natural oils and dirt from your fingers can wear heavily on your strings especially if your gig or practice a lot. We can restring your guitar for you from only £4!!

  2. My guitar has a lot of fret buzz can this be sorted?

    Yes, of course. Most guitarists will witness the annoying world of fret buzz in their career. this can be due to a poor set up or excess wear on the frets. This can be sorted by us from as little as £12.

  3. What are the pros and cons of using heavy guage strings?

    There are many,



    • Deeper tone
    • Decreased fret buzz
    • Longer sustain
    • Drop Tuning: Heavier strings can cope with heavy Drop Tunings


    • May need to be set up to suit the strings (especially Floyd Rose Tremolo systems)
    • Heavy on fingers
    • lead work may become more difficult
  4. Who Can You Call For No Obligation Advice On Guitars & Amps?

    Easy. Us!

    Sam- Guitars & Teaching: 07846444983

    John- Amps: 07921360271

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